Fracture Labs Dec 10 2018
by Stephen Arnold, CEO of Fracture Labs.

concept art for DECIMATED by Gary Sanchez

“What could possibly bring blockchain and cryptocurrency mass adoption?” is the million dollar question that everyone in the cryptosphere is currently trying to answer. To trigger this worldwide organic growth, the solution must tick a couple of conditions:

– It must be straightforward to use

– It solves an immediate problem or upgrades a product

– It fosters sustainable scalability

There are a couple of industries and markets that could greatly benefit from blockchain technology: General Sales, Marketing, Supply Chains and the Videogame Industry, to name a few. The Videogame Industry is a prime candidate to trigger another crypto bull run and accelerate the rate of crypto adoption on a global scale. In the following article, we will enumerate a couple of solid reasons and arguments for this multi-billion industry, which in a similar way to the blockchain technology has taken the world by storm.


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