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The competition starts March 13, 2019 at 12:00 UTC

Win up to 40,000 DIO rewards

The Panxora exchange announces a trading competition in collaboration with Decimated (DIO) token launch. In addition to DIO rewards, competition winners will also receive commission free – market maker accounts for all their DIO trading for a whole month after the competition ends.

How to play

The competition starts at 12 noon UTC on Wednesday, March 13 and runs until Wednesday April 10 at 12 noon UTC. Just trade DIO on the Panxora exchange against BTC or ETH to make as much profit as you can. Market makers (adding prices to the orderbook) will trade at 0% commission fees.

How to win

There are 2 ways to win the DECIMATED competition:


Traders will be ranked based on the percentage return achieved by trading DIO for the 4 weeks of the competition. Winners will receive one month (commission free) market maker account for all their DIO trading after the competition plus:

  • Top #1: ~500 USD worth of DIO*
  • Top #2: ~250 USD worth of DIO
  • Top #3: ~100 USD worth of DIO

CYBORG COP Competition

Traders will be ranked by total DIO trading volumes for the 4 weeks of the competition. Winners will receive one month (commission free) market maker account for all their DIO trading after the competition plus:

  • Top 1: ~500 USD worth of DIO
  • Top 2: ~400 USD worth of DIO
  • Top 3: ~300 USD worth of DIO
  • Top 4: ~200 USD worth of DIO
  • Top 5: ~100 USD worth of DIO

Competition Details

You will be credited for all DIO trading during the competition whether or not you take or make prices in the market. You can use the  Panxora UI or the Panxora API to trade and can trade DIO/BTC and/or DIO/ETH to play.

Traders can see their DIO traded volume in the Trade List Window and performance in the Currency Trading Balance Window of their account on Panxora.

All Market Makers Trade Commission FREE during the 4 week DIO Trading Competition.

When you trade DIO on Panxora during the competition you will receive 0% commission when you add liquidity to the market for both the DIO/BTC and DIO/ETH pairs. This means when you add a price into the orderbook, instead of taking a price already displayed there you are charged no commission on that trade.

Competition trader rank will be displayed during the competition and the winners will be announced within 2 working days of the end of the competition.

The DIO token prizes will be issued according to the rankings of the final list within 7 working days of the competition closing.

Competition Rules

  1. Traders must have a verified Panxora account to participate in the competition.
  2. Participation is limited to a single account per individual.
  3. Any participants found to be cheating or colluding with other individuals will immediately and permanently be barred from participating in the competition.
  4. Competition results will be calculated based upon the prices available at This may be different to other exchanges and trading sites.

About Decimated

Decimated is a free-to-play survival post-apocalyptic online videogame with a blockchain economy. Please visit the Decimated website for more details.

Statement of Risk

Trading digital assets comport very high risk of loss due to extreme price volatility. Before joining this competition, please make sure you read and understand all the risks of digital assets trading, and do your own due diligence before investing.

[*] DIO tokens will be awarded based on the launch price of $0.06 USD per token.

Visit and verify your account to participate. Not available to US citizens.

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