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Angela Scott-Briggs from Techbullion writes

“The team behind the project has had a very good experience in the field of both the gaming industry as well as the blockchain industry. The project was founded by Stephen Arnold who has been delivering high-quality gaming visuals and gaming experience for a very long time now. Samuel Visscher is the blockchain lead on the team.

Ken Thain is the man behind the storyline. Given his past experience in developing AAA title games, he is apt for this position. The team also consists of several highly capable software developers as well as marketers. With such a solid team working on the project, the success rate is extremely high.”

Read More https://www.techbullion.com/decimated-blockchain-videogame-a-survival-game-with-a-blockchain-economy-and-salvageable-cryptocurrency/

DECIMATED: Blockchain Videogame, a Survival Game with a Blockchain Economy and Salvageable Cryptocurrency

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