What platforms will Decimated be released on?

Initially, Decimated will be available on PC, and we will partner with a game streaming service provider to allow the game to be played in high definition on Apple Mac, iOS and Android. The game may be available on console in the future.

When will we be able to play Decimated?

We are aiming for a Q4 2020 pre-alpha release, but this is not set in stone. We are still in an early stage of development so we have a lot of work that still needs to be done.

We plan to release demos and a DIO smartphone wallet prior to the release of the full game in 2019.

What is DIO and what is its purpose?

DIO is the in-game currency for Decimated. Players can use it to buy, sell and trade rare virtual items from Q3 2019, and earn it in-game when the full game is released. It is available to purchase on the decimated.net website and various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where is the rest of the 1 billion total supply and when will it be distributed?

The rest of the 1 billion total supply is owned by the company, Fracture Labs and will be distributed gradually into the market over time, and then salvageable in-game after release.

What are the locked DIO tokens?

The locked tokens are the DIO that were acquired during the token pre-sale between August 1st-February 28th. All early token holders understand that they need to wait until DIO is listed on several exchanges and with enough volume on each pair before we issue the unlocked tokens. We will distribute them gradually from Q3 2019 so the token price is not negatively affected.

When will the airdrop tokens be issued?

We will distribute tokens to bounty hunters from Q3 2019, after the following criteria:

– DIO is listed on 5 exchanges
– there is sufficient volume on all pairs to safely issue DIO without negatively affecting the price
– After DIO has a $6M market cap

The bounty campaign may be extended, paused or have new tasks added, so there will often be new opportunities to earn more tokens before and after distribution.

All participants will be notified by email prior to token distribution.

All bounty hunters must buy a minimum of $5 of DIO and hold on their private wallet to qualify for free tokens: https://www.decimated.net/product/unlock-bounty/

Can I change my token wallet address?

Yes, if you use the contact form on https://www.decimated.net/#contact – specify your email address, old wallet address and new wallet address, we will change it for you. Please remember that we cannot send DIO to exchanges that it is not listed on, and only to wallets that accept custom Ethereum (ERC20) tokens.

How can I see my DIO on Coinomi?

If you don’t see your DIO tokens by default on Coinomi, you can click + TOKEN, select Ethereum blockchain and search for DIO. When you find it, add it to your wallet and your tokens will show.

Alternatively, you can add the token contact manually:

Contract address: 0x35a5cb585d51d836922b78a9bb1f5c04635c39b6
Symbol: DIO
Decimals: 8

What exchanges is DIO listed on?

DIO is currently listed on latoken.com, exmarkets.com, ZBX.com and ABCC.com
We will be listing on more in the future.

How much is DIO?

The price of DIO can be seen on the exchanges, or via:






Will there be any issues with transaction speed and gas fees?

We are working with Halo Platform who have a hard fork of ethereum that uses RAFT consensus, which has no gas fees, and will not get congested like the ethereum mainnet, as it will be used specifically for Decimated.  Gameplay will not be affected, because the game itself is not running on the blockchain, it’s only the transfer of ownership and transactions that are taking place on the blockchain. The Halo Platform is capable of up to 5000 transactions per second, which is sufficient for a game the size of Decimated.

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