DIO Launches on ZBX.COM

ZBX.COM Launches DIO/USDT at 10:00am April 29th (CET) with Trading Contest

The ZBX platform will launch DIO/USDT trading pair on April 29, 2019 and start the week-long trading contest with double rewards, during which the transaction fee will be waived. The details are as follows:

Deposit/Withdrawal Open: 10:00am 28/04/2019 (CET)

Trading Open: 10:00am 29/04/2019 (CET)

Trading Contest Time: 10:00am 29/04/2019 – 10:00am 05/05/2019(CET)

Reward 1:During the contest, the top 3 users of the transaction volume (buy + sell) will receive the DIO tokens of 250 USDT, 150 USDT, 100 USDT, respectively.

Reward 2: During the contest, the top 3 users by buy price (single transaction no less than 500 USDT) will receive 250 USDT, 150 USDT, 100 USDT equivalent DIO tokens.


Rankings will be displayed during the competition and the final list will be announced within 2 working days after the end of the competition.

The DIO tokens (issued at the trading price at the end of the competition) will be issued according to the rankings of the final list within 7 working days of the competition closing.

ZBX.COM reserves the right to exclude any person who is violating the rules of the trading competition and/or suspected to be cheating, including any volume a trader executes with himself.

DECIMATED (DIO) Information:

Decimate is a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game under production by Fracture Labs. By placing all items in the game on the Ethereum-based Halo Platform, items are effectively scarce and protected from piracy attempts while also overcoming the FIAT-to-token conversion needed in most games with in-game purchases. This enables players of Decimated to earn DIO token while playing the game, although they also need to spend resources inside the game to maintain the durability of their items.

Project Website: https://www.decimated.net/

Project White Paper: https://www.decimated.net/whitepaper-browser-version/

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