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Latest updates

– Community growth from 10,000 to 90,000 between Feb-March 2019

– We came 3rd place out of 90 companies at Nakamotos Den pitch competition

– We have listed our in-game cryptocurrency on LAtoken, Exmarkets, ZBX and ABCC

– The circulating supply of DIO is 65 million out of 1 billion tokens, with a market cap of $5.2M USD (currently $0.08 per DIO)

– We have been described as one of the most anticipated upcoming blockchain games

– We are crypto licensed in Estonia with a legal opinion on the utility token status in process

– Our MVP is developed and playable

– the blockchain platform is fully developed with two other games already launched

– We’ve had press releases featured on CCN, Cryptoslate, Cointelligence, Blockchaingamer, CryptoandGamers, and many more

– We’ve arranged production partnerships with Halo Platform,, 5518 Studios, Ringtail Studios, metricminds and more to be announced

– We have more than 600 proposals from Youtubers with millions of subscribers, eager to play and promote our game

– We are official sponsors of the Monaco Blockchain Conference on May 31st 2019

– We are official sponsors of the Hong Kong Blockchain Games Conference in July 2019