Decimated DIO Listing on in March 2019

Blockchain-based PC game Decimated listed on cryptocurrency exchange

Decimated, a blockchain-based post-apocalyptic survival game that has been listed as one of the top ICOs of 2019 by Inwara, is now listing its token on the cryptocurrency exchange ZBX. Decimated is produced by Fracture Labs and have seen its community grow from 10,000 to 45,000 in a matter of days in February this year.

Computer games based on blockchain-technology is an increasing trend within the gaming industry which mitigates a number of old issues such as piracy, the lack of scarcity of in-game items, as well as off-game utility for the players.

Decimated, a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game under production by Fracture Labs, solve all of these issues. By placing all items in the game on the Ethereum-based Halo Platform, items are effectively scarce and protected from piracy attempts while also overcoming the FIAT-to-token conversion needed in most games with in-game purchases. This enables players of Decimated to earn money while playing the game, although they also need to spend resources inside the game to maintain the durability of their items.

The Founder of Fracture Labs can now announce that the Decimated token ‘DIO’ is becoming listed on the cryptocurrency exchange ZBX. ZBX is an exchange operating out of a regulated environment in Malta. It is sharing the same infrastructure as the well-known ZB exchange, with 300 million USD in daily trading volume. By operating out of a regulated environment, ZBX is unique by enabling a FIAT-pipeline for users to convert tokens listed on the exchange into EUR.

“We are very excited to share these news with our community. By listing our token DIO on ZBX, our players will actually be able to convert tokens acquired within the game to EUR through a ZBX account,” says Stephen Arnold, Founder of Fracture Labs, also known by the gamer tag Espion.

Decimated has allegedly had a staggering increase in users since announcing their plans to list their token on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Stephen Arnold, the amount of users in their community went from 10,000 to 45,000 in just a matter of days.

“Basically, Decimated is a multiplayer online survival game where millions of players compete with each other to earn cryptocurrency in a massive persistent online world. Players can also buy, sell, collect and trade digitally scarce virtual items. Players choose to be a human citizen or a cyborg cop, and must survive in a hostile world filled with pirates and bounty hunters, all competing for resources and territory. I believe this niche is something that many gamers are eager to explore,” says Stephen Arnold.

The token DIO is an ERC20 token with a volume of 1 billion DIO tokens pre-minted. This means that the game does not use any proof of work mining consensus. Instead, it uses the proof of stake consensus wherein the validators are rewarded with just the fee attached to each transaction.

“Decimated is a project we are very pleased to list. At ZBX, we are adhering to stringent procedures with regards to projects that we decide to list. Decimated provides real value for their users and a token where we can envisage long term interest from dedicated gamers as well as cryptocurrency investors with regards to investing and trading,” says Dave Pulis, CEO of ZBX.

The game is being built in Unreal Engine 4 and scheduled for pre-alpha release in 2020.

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