Decimated (DIO) expands to Asian markets

The blockchain-based post-apocalyptic survival game Decimated is now listing its token on Asian markets through ZBX and ABCC. Decimated is produced by Fracture Labs and have seen its community grow to 90,000 during spring 2019 and has a market cap on LAToken of 5.2 million USD.

Computer games based on blockchain-technology is an increasing trend within the gaming industry which mitigates a number of old issues such as piracy, the lack of scarcity of in-game items, as well as off-game utility for the players.

Decimated, a post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game under production by Fracture Labs, solve all of these issues. By placing all items in the game on the Ethereum-based Halo Platform, items are effectively scarce and protected from piracy attempts while also overcoming the FIAT-to-token conversion needed in most games with in-game purchases. This enables players of Decimated to earn money while playing the game, although they also need to spend resources inside the game to maintain the durability of their items.

The DIO token has been listed on ZBX, ExMarkets, LAToken and is now listing on ABCC. With trading going live on ZBX as announced earlier this week with a ceremonial bell-ringing at the ZBX headquarters, Decimated has now expanded to Asian markets through ZBX and ABCC. Users who sign up on ZBX can now win up to 250 USD worth of DIO in the DIO trading competition.

“Liquidity on the Asian markets is unparalleled. Our listing with a number of major exchanges has gone beyond our expectation. By listing our token with major exchanges, we are certain that early adopters within our gaming community will see the value of their token increase substantially which will give them an advantage to acquire scarce items inside Decimated once the game is launched,” says Stephen Arnold, Founder of Fracture Labs.

DIO is tradeable in USDT, ETH and BTC pairs. The DIO token has just reached a market cap of 5.2 million USD as reported on LAToken. In addition to listings, Fracture Labs are now in talks with a number of Private Equity firms and investors eager to get involved early in the new field of crypto economy video-games.

Decimated has had a staggering increase in users since announcing their plans to list their token on exchanges. According to Stephen Arnold, the number of users within the Decimated community reached 90,000 during the spring of 2019.

The token DIO is an ERC20 utility token with a volume of 1 billion DIO tokens pre-minted. This means that the game does not use any proof of work mining consensus. Instead, it uses the proof of stake consensus wherein the validators are rewarded with just the fee attached to each transaction.

The company Fracture Labs is based in Estonia, with team members previously working for renowned game developers such as Bioware, EA, Crytek, and Ubisoft. The company’s animators have also worked on successful films like Bladerunner 2049, Maze Runner, War of the Planet of the Apes, and Pacific Rim. The game is being built in Unreal Engine 4 and scheduled for pre-alpha release in 2020.

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