Keith Wareing, Halo Platform and Fracture Labs livestream

On February 14th at 4pm CET, Keith Wareing was livestreaming on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook with Scott Morrison of @Halo_Platform and Stephen Arnold of @decimated_game to talk about what they are building in the blockchain space. Watch here: Or view on:Youtube: Check out Keith’s other social media channels: Halo Platform: https://haloplatform.techHalo […]

DIO listing on LAtoken in March 2019

We are excited to announce that DIO will be listed on LAtoken in March 2019! LAtoken currently has $191M+ of daily trading volume and is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens with 150,000+ registered traders. To buy tokens early with a bonus, please visit the DECIMATED shop […]

Cyborg Cop 3D Modeling

Building the DECIMATED world requires a lot of creative planning, concepting, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. 5518 Studios are one of our production partners for this ambitious game, and will be helping us create our post-apocalyptic environments and characters. Here is an exclusive look at the development of one of the cyborg cops!

The economy of DECIMATED

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “why is Decimated using blockchain?” And the answer is quite simple – to control the flow of virtual items and tokens in the game, and manage digital scarcity like no other game has done before. In this article, we will cover some of the examples […]

Whitepaper Browser Version

Please be aware that automatic translation of this document may often result in incorrect translations. If you are able to translate this document into your native language, post the page link into where you can submit improvements. DECIMATED A post-apocalyptic online survival game with a blockchain based economy WHITEPAPER This version: 27th November 2018. […]

DIO Token Store Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of the DECIMATED private token sale store, where you can buy DIO tokens with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH or Euros using our integrated payment system, using Coinbase and Paypal. DIO is now available to purchase in bundles, with a 20% discount during the private sale. Digitally scarce […]

The Advent of Next-Gen Video Games with a Blockchain Economy

Fracture Labs Dec 10 2018by Stephen Arnold, CEO of Fracture Labs. “What could possibly bring blockchain and cryptocurrency mass adoption?” is the million dollar question that everyone in the cryptosphere is currently trying to answer. To trigger this worldwide organic growth, the solution must tick a couple of conditions: – It must be straightforward to […]

Referral Reward System Added

Hello DECIMATED fans! We have included a participation and referral reward system, so you can earn free DIO tokens by subscribing, liking and sharing content on our website and across social media. Visit and click the bounty rewards icon in the bottom corner, and remember to check back periodically to see if new rewards […]

Buy DECIMATED Posters and Canvas Prints

You can print all of our original artwork onto canvas, framed print or poster directly from this page, via our partner, Canvaspop. Simply pick your favourite artwork from the website, click “print on canvas”, choose your preferred size and design, and it will be delivered to you by post within a few weeks. Subscribe for […]

Decimated Graffiti competition

Join our competition and submit your own graffiti tags or artwork that can be used in the Decimated Videogame by Fracture Labs! Files should be uploaded to the Discord channel: We will pick the best ones, include them in the game library, and reward the winners with a DIO token prize that can be […]

10,000 views an hour on YouTube!

A recent DECIMATED video got 10,000 views an hour on Youtube, after Romanian youtuber MaxInfinite published a video to his 1.7 million subscribers. Simultaneously, youtuber Pisica MiauMiau launched a video that received more than 30,000 views over the same weekend from her 700,000 subscribers. Both videos continue to get views, and give a small taste […]

Techbullion Interview with Fracture Labs CEO

Decimated gives you an amazing, fun-filled survival game to enjoy and a platform to make money through cryptocurrencies. Powered by blockchain technology and with one of the best graphics designs ever, the CEO Stephen Arnold will be telling us more about Decimated in this interview. Read More