Decimated Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Architecture

Our blockchain was built from the JP Morgan Quorum project, a permissioned implementation of Ethereum supporting data privacy. You can read about it here:

We use a Raft consensus method and our tokens are distributed to our masternode holders who also power the chain and make up our active community.

In terms of speed, we’re capped at 1000 transactions per second for now. We can up it to 5000 transactions per second reliably.

Blockchain transactions will be secured by proof-of-stake (PoS), in order to ensure transaction transparency and to protect users from fraudulent activity with in-game currency.

Unlike proof-of-work, where the algorithm rewards miners who solve mathematical problems with the goal of validating transactions and creating new blocks, in proof-of-stake, the creator of a new block is chosen in a deterministic way, depending on its wealth, also defined as stake. In this PoS system miners are called forgers. The total number of the digital currency is decided in the beginning, and the number never changes. This means that in the PoS system there is no block reward, so, the forgers take the transaction fees instead.

Here is a video explanation.

More information on the Proof of Stake system can be read at:

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