We are a team of highly experienced game developers (who have worked at Bioware, Crytek, Ubisoft, Warner Bros and Electronic Arts), and we are developing a multiplayer online game with a blockchain based economy, allowing player-to-player trading and digital scarcity of collectible virtual items.

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Prototype / MVP



VC pitch deck:

5 year Business Plan:

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Please note that all of this documentation is work in progress and is being refined on a daily basis.

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We have already raised some initial capital through our ICO, developed our MVP, we have been featured in,, interviewed several times, and have a rapidly growing community, currently around 10,000 followers spread across social media channels.

Our last Youtube influencer campaign received 10,000 views per hour, resting at 100,000 views on one video and 30,000 on another.

We plan to do Initial Exchange Offerings of €2M worth of our DIO tokens with 3, possibly 4 well known exchange with more than 500k users and €100M daily trading volume. We are in negotiations with Ethfinex, Panxora, Huobi Next and DBX and will require funding to effectively market our company to boost token sales and encourage liquidity.

We are targeting more than 300 million gamers around the world through Youtube influencers and running creative competitions with a token reward, incentivizing players to play the game, spend the tokens and invite their friends.

Revenue Forecast

We have a forecasted ARPU of €2 per month, and aim to have 50,000 monthly active players by the time we hit early access in Q1 2020. We aim to increase our userbase every month through aggressive marketing, youtube influencers, referrals and user acquisition through sign up rewards, reaching a target of 280,000 monthly active users by year 5.

What we need

The management is seeking to raise up to €2,000,000 in equity financing in exchange for 30% ownership in Fracture Labs Ltd. The primary use of funds will be the development and marketing of DECIMATED through Year 1.

Investors can choose to receive equity, DIO® tokens, or Security Tokens which will be tradeable from Q3 2019:

€2M = 30% equity or 40,000,000 tokens
€1M = 15% equity or 20,000,000 tokens
€500k = 7.5% equity or 10,000,000 tokens
€100k = 1.5% equity or 2,000,000 tokens
€50k = 0.75% equity or 1,000,000 tokens
€10k = 0.15% equity or 200,000 tokens

In any case, a DIO token bonus will be issued to investors. These tokens will be locked for 6 months and issued in 10% monthly batches thereafter, which will be tradeable immediately on exchanges.


Telegram: @stephenespion
Whatsapp: +1 408 600 1086
Email: [email protected]

– Stephen Arnold
CEO and Creative Director
Fracture Labs Ltd