A multiplayer survival RPG with rare collectable virtual items, in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world



DECIMATED is multiplayer survival RPG with rare collectable virtual items, in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world

Decimated is a 3rd person survival role playing game where players can choose to play a human citizen or a cyborg cop.

Earth has been abandoned after hundreds of years of destructive climate change and catastrophic neglect of the environment by corporations and industry. Political and social unrest has left the old cities decimated and hostile to life. Civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself, yet a cyborg police force still wields control over the wastelands.

Only privileged first class citizens were permitted onto the new world. The unworthy who were left behind - criminals, rebels, political dissidents and the poor - scavenge in the forgotten cities of Earth, which have become overgrown with jungle, flooded by swamps, swallowed by sand and frozen by ice. Pollution and technological debris litter the environment, and survivors have set up shelter in destroyed skyscrapers, laboratories, abandoned metros and crumbling freeways.

The world is inhabited by criminals, pirates, bounty hunters, drug lords, slavers, cannibals, mutated creatures, genetic experiments and malfunctioning robots, all competing for resources and territory. The cops enforce a totalitarian authority even after society is in ruin, forcing humans to live in the wastelands.

Players salvage resources, technology and digital currency, repair vehicles, build bases, fortify shelters, hunt, ambush, loot and trade in this hostile post-apocalyptic environment.

Read more in the whitepaper or check out our update history.

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • 64km² Persistent Online World
  • Competitive Survival Gameplay
  • Blockchain Based Economy
  • Play to Earn Crypto
  • Human Citizens vs Cyborg Cops


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We are always looking for talented artists, animators, programmers and game developers in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are currently hiring:

Concept Artists
Technical Artists (Houdini, Modo, Unreal 4)
3D Artists (3DS Max, Maya, Blender)
Material Artists (Quixel/Substance)
C++ / UE4 Blueprint Programmers
Technical Animation Director (Maya, Motionbuilder, Unreal 4)

Passion for Sci-Fi, Survival and Cyberpunk games
At least one published title on PC or console
Good knowledge of UE4
English at a level that allows reading and creating technical documentation
Ability to work effectively in a team

To Apply, submit your portfolio using the contact form below and we will send you an application form.


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