DIO Token Store Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of the DECIMATED private token sale store, where you can buy DIO tokens with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH or Euros using our integrated payment system, using Coinbase and Paypal. DIO is now available to purchase in bundles, with a 20% discount during the private sale. https://www.decimated.net/shop/ Digitally scarce […]

The Advent of Next-Gen Video Games with a Blockchain Economy

Fracture Labs Dec 10 2018by Stephen Arnold, CEO of Fracture Labs. “What could possibly bring blockchain and cryptocurrency mass adoption?” is the million dollar question that everyone in the cryptosphere is currently trying to answer. To trigger this worldwide organic growth, the solution must tick a couple of conditions: – It must be straightforward to […]

Referral Reward System Added

Hello DECIMATED fans! We have included a participation and referral reward system, so you can earn free DIO tokens by subscribing, liking and sharing content on our website and across social media. Visit https://www.decimated.net and click the bounty rewards icon in the bottom corner, and remember to check back periodically to see if new rewards […]

Buy DECIMATED Posters and Canvas Prints

You can print all of our original artwork onto canvas, framed print or poster directly from this page, via our partner, Canvaspop. Simply pick your favourite artwork from the website, click “print on canvas”, choose your preferred size and design, and it will be delivered to you by post within a few weeks. Subscribe for […]